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Watercolor Clouds

We drive by this part of Lake Ray Roberts on the way to our house.  It looks different almost every time.  On cloudy, gray days the water looks cold and uninviting.  Other days the blue sky reflecting in the water looks calm and peaceful.  On this particular day the clouds looked like they were a  watercolor painting reflecting in the lake.


A beautiful sky reflection on Lake Ray Roberts

See other photos of Lake Ray Roberts in my post Fall Reflections on Lake Ray Roberts.



4 thoughts on “Watercolor Clouds

  1. My daughter was telling me today while we drove home from Plano that she did not like it around Dallas because none of the newer developments and houses have trees around them. I told her about your house!!!


    • Lots of trees in our new community. Give me a call next time you’re in this area. I know you’re probably busy with all the games; but maybe you can come by or we can meet somewhere.


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