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This Inspires Me – Photo A Day


This Inspires Me – Photo A Day (#FMSphotoaday)

As a Photographer

As a photographer I find myself inspired by nature.  I love sunsets, clouds, snowy mountain tops and the look of the rolling plains on a sunny day.  For some reason, I’m also drawn to photographing old houses, buildings and barns.  These photos inspire me to become a better photographer; so I can better capture the true essence of the scene.

As a Person

Personally,  I’m inspired by my three wonderful grandsons.  They inspire me to have more patience, to be a better person, to take better care of myself and to see the world with younger eyes.

I took photo 1 a year ago and photo 2 was taken just a few weeks ago.  It seems I’m doomed to have at least one of the 3 making faces or looking away.  We’re planning a true photo shoot in a few weeks; hopefully, I can get them to stay still long enough to get at least one good photo.

What inspires you?  Does it change from day to day?

Check out the Sound of Summer blog for more information about the “Photo A Day” challenge?

The FMS Photo A Day theme’s can be found at the Fat Mum Slim blog.

Post your own photo a day photos and leave a ping back to join the fun.


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