The Why of Rainy Day Reflections

Rainy Days

In my part of Texas, rainy days are few and far between and you usually don’t want photos of the days it does rain. I love those peaceful straight down rains you get in the mountains. –Our rains are rarely like that. In the Texas Panhandle, where I have lived most of life, rain comes with wind and sometimes hail. Usually, our rainy days are great days to stay inside.


If that’s the case, why do I call my blog “Rainy Day Reflections”? I started this blog with the intentions of blogging about crafting, scrapbooking and photography. At the time, I thought the title “Rainy Day Reflections” was a roundabout way to emphasis that the blog would be full of things that you might reflect on during a rainy day (craft ideas, scrapbooking layouts and looking at photos). My life was so full with work and family that it took a stay at home day of rainy or snowy weather for me to find time to devote to my hobbies.

Since that time, the content of my blog has expanded to include other topics. I decided to keep the title “Rainy Day Reflections” because I think it indicates that I’m giving serious thought to what I post.

  • re·flec·tion (rĭ-flĕk′shən) n.
    Serious thinking or careful consideration:
    A thought or an opinion resulting from such thinking or consideration

I like the category, “Reflections” and I still believe that rainy days bring about reflections. It often feels like rainy or snowy weather slows everything down. It seems that the title has evolved to cover my reflections on a multitude of topics — all of which could still be part of a rainy day reflection session.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you’ll find something to interest you on Rainy Day Reflections.



5 thoughts on “The Why of Rainy Day Reflections

  1. I love your Rainy Day Reflections ideology! You are so right about how rainy days are the days you just stay in and try to be creative and really are forced to slow down in life and think! Looking forward to spending a few rainy days with you!

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