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Writing 201 – Future, Sonnet, & Chiasmus

Today’s Assignment

Word prompt – Future
Form – Sonnet
Device – Chiasmus

Here’s a very rough draft of today’s assignment.  I’ll work on it more and hopefully post the final version soon.  Thanks for sharing this poetry writing journey with me.  Even though I’ve been completely out of my comfort zone; I highly recommend this class.  I’ve learned so much and plan to continue trying to write poetry.




Today’s Not the Day

Often you say today’s not the day for an adventure.
Truly, you believe there’s no need to hurry.
Maybe tomorrow or some time in the future,
So many days are ahead; you don’t worry!

When looking at the years behind you,
Those years meant to be just a short phase.
Can’t you see you’re living the future of those past days?

There’s no chance to alter tomorrow as you pass through
Unless you make a plan, take a risk, jump in the stream;
Tomorrow will become just a repeat of today.

Stretch out, reach out, find your dream,
Don’t wait until you sleep; start now or even sooner.
No longer will the future feel so far, so extreme.
Today is yesterday’s future. The future is today!


What takes you out of your comfort zone?


4 thoughts on “Writing 201 – Future, Sonnet, & Chiasmus

  1. Wow. This course looks time consuming and these seniors give me little time. I am impressed. One thing I discovered from my haiku course is that haiku seems popular. I get lots of likes and responses even from non followers when I post haiku on my blog. Wondering why? Perhaps because they say a lot in a few words so people do not have to spend a lot of time reading them.

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    • I really enjoyed the class even thought it was a little challenging It introduced some literary devices that I wasn’t familiar with at all. It was just a two week class; so it felt almost possible 🙂 I’m hoping to find a beginner’s poetry group. I’d like to keep learning and writing poetry.


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