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Writing 201 – Future, Sonnet, & Chiasmus

Today’s Assignment Word prompt – Future Form – Sonnet Device – Chiasmus Here’s a very rough draft of today’s assignment.  I’ll work on it more and hopefully post the final version soon.  Thanks for sharing this poetry writing journey with me.  Even though I’ve been completely out of my comfort zone; I highly recommend this class.  I’ve learned … Continue reading

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Writing 201 – Trust, Acrostic, & Internal Rhyme

Today’s Assignment Word prompt – Trust Form – Acrostic Device – Internal Rhyme Writing 201 -Poetry provides a great opportunity for me to attempt something I’ve never tried before.  For some reason, this 3rd assignment seemed to triple the difficulty for me.  In a former life, I taught 5th grade Language Arts and we wrote … Continue reading

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Writing 201 – Journey, Limerick & Alliteration

I’m still working out of my comfort zone with the  Writing 201 – Poetry class.  It’s actually rather fun — until I think about sharing my attempts at learning to write poetry. Today’s assignment Word prompt – Journey Form – Limerick Device – Alliteration Next to onomatopoeia, alliteration is my favorite literary device.  I’m just not use to … Continue reading