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Writing 201 – Water, Haiku & Simile

I decided to move out of my comfort zone and try the Writing 201 – Poetry class.  This will be a true learning experience for me.  –At least there’s a chance for lots of improvement.

Today’s Assignment

  • Word prompt is “water”
  • Form is “Haiku”
  • Device is “simile”

The form and device seem simple; but is anything ever really as simple as it seems?




rainy day today
thunder sounds like sonic booms
rain drops drip drip drip


rainy stormy day
lightning flashes like fireworks
thunder booms loudly

I used the photo as an inspiration.  It helped me think about rainy days.

I ended up writing two Haikus because I just don’t know what I’m doing yet.  Which one do you like?

Thanks for stopping by my little blog and sharing this “out of my comfort zone” journey with me.


9 thoughts on “Writing 201 – Water, Haiku & Simile

    • Hi Ben! Should Haiku have punctuation and capital letters? I wrote mine without; but I really feel it might need it. Just wondering what the usual is for it. I might go back and edit mine. 🙂 Thanks for your help. Linda


  1. Great first try at poetry! I like the first one better. The thing to remember with all poetry is punctuation! Commas, semicolons, explanation points- they all have their place in poetic stanzas. Even in haikus 😉

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    • Thanks! I wondered about punctuation and Haikus. I actually planned to look up more info on the haiku form tonight when I had more time. 🙂


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