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Catching up on Photo A Day

 Spot – Photo A Day (#fmsphotoaday)

Any spot is a good spot for reading.

Photo 1 – Reading makes waiting to get a haircut go faster.

Photo 2 – Reading big brother’s book while waiting his turn for a haircut.

IMG_2682 Energy   Photo A Day (#FMSphotoaday)

Moving takes lots of energy.  We’re all exhausted including our dogs.

As you can tell, the doggies in the window don’t care for moving or for the moving truck.

(I’m trying to get caught up on my photo a day since life and things like moving keep getting in the way.)

Check out the Sound of Summer blog for more information about the “Photo A Day” challenge.
The FMS Photo A Day theme’s can be found at the Fat Mum Slim blog.

Post your own photo a day photos and leave a ping back to join the fun.


2 thoughts on “Catching up on Photo A Day

    • Thank you! You are so right about moving. –And we will have to do it again once the house is finished. I am grateful that our house sold so quickly, though. 🙂


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