Taffy In the Wind – Monochrome Madness Challenge
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Taffy In the Wind – Monochrome Madness Challenge

Meet Taffy, my sweet miniature schnauzer.  She’s 13 1/2 years old and her age is catching up with her too often these days.  Hanging her head out the car window has always been one of her favorite things. Taffy and Maggie, our other schnauzer, ride in the back seat of our vehicle when we travel.  They are … Continue reading

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Catching up on Photo A Day

 Spot – Photo A Day (#fmsphotoaday) Any spot is a good spot for reading. Photo 1 – Reading makes waiting to get a haircut go faster. Photo 2 – Reading big brother’s book while waiting his turn for a haircut.  Energy   Photo A Day (#FMSphotoaday) Moving takes lots of energy.  We’re all exhausted including … Continue reading

Let's Build a House

The Dream Continues:  Researching, Planning, and Waiting … Building a New Home

The dream of our new home continues while we wait on the second version of our home design plans.  The first draft didn’t fulfill the vision we had for a light filled, open floor plan.   Having never gone through the process of building a home, we really didn’t know what to expect.  Evidently, it’s normal … Continue reading