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Texas Sunsets


Sunset Beyond the Trees

I caught this sunset as I was driving down a country road not far from Sherman, Texas.  I could barely see it through the trees on the side of the road; then, I came to this small clearing.  I love how the sunset is glowing through the center tree.

IMG_6727 (2)_Fotor3 copy

After the Storm

I took this photo will driving down US Highway 287 close to Claude, Texas.  The clouds were just breaking up after a rain storm had passed through the area.  I could see miles across the plains as the sun reflected into the clouds at the horizon.


paintedsky_lindajamesphotographyPainted Sky

This beautiful Texas sunset reflecting on Lake Kiowa looks like the perfect painted sky. Lake Kiowa is a small, private lake located about an hour from the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex.



Fishing at Sunset

The sun turned the sky bright orange as it was setting on Galveston Island.  The fisherman was able to get just a few more minutes of fishing as the sun reflected in the Gulf of Mexico

Texas Sunsets

Texas is the second largest state in the United States (Alaska is the largest).  Driving from the top of the Panhandle (i.e. Perryton) to the tip of Texas (i.e. Brownsville)  provides a variety of scenery along the way. –FYI – that’s about an 830 mile drive.

For those of you who’ve never been to Texas

Which part of Texas would you most like to visit?  I hope you’ll come visit soon.

For those who live in Texas or have visited Texas

What’s your favorite area of Texas to visit?

I can promise you’ll see some gorgeous sunsets if you ever decide to visit any part of Texas.




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