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21 Break-up Quotes! (… there comes a time in your life…)

There comes a time in your life, when you need to walk away from all the drama…

walk away

It always saddens my heart when I hear that a couple broke up.  I guess I’m still naïve enough to want to believe that everyone gets the happy ending.  We all know that marriage (or any relationship) is hard work and there are rough patches that occur. Unfortunately, not all relationships survive.   This post is for anyone who is going through a breakup or needing to end a relationship.

Remember to tell yourself that you deserve to be happy — over and over — until you believe it — until you are happy again.


2 thoughts on “21 Break-up Quotes! (… there comes a time in your life…)

  1. Ivr been going through this the past few months…. But what about if they did make you happy, you just had a rough patch and they gave up. What happens when you still love each other 😔


    • I’m sorry for your breakup. I don’t know your situation; but I’d think you want someone who’s willing to work through the rough patches. I hope that you’re able to work it out somehow. Just remember to always stay true to yourself — no one is worth it if they make you give up on yourself. I put these quotes together for my son who is going through a very bad breakup. These are some of the things I wish I could say to him now. He’s just not ready to hear them yet.


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