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Life’s Defining Moments

Defining Moments

Special Note

This blog post feels much more personal than my usual posts.  For some reason this particular post has been on my mind for several weeks and I feel that it’s important for me to share.  There are things that have occurred recently in my life that are most definitely defining moments; so perhaps this is a way of working through things.

de·fin·ing mo·ment


noun: defining moment; plural noun: defining moments

•    a memorable, life changing decision, event, or action that alters the course of our lives

•    simple moments that define who we are


During a rather serious conversation the other night,

–my husband and I were reminiscing about the first few years of our marriage.  I mentioned something he did about three months after we were married.   He didn’t remember the occasion which surprised me because it was one of those defining moments for me.  I was very young (way too young) when we got married and I was surprised to find out that marriage was hard.  (Luckily, hubby was a little bit older and a little bit wiser.)  Being married meant growing up faster than my friends and that I could no longer act the part of a spoiled little girl.   I was learning that you really can’t live on love –that it took money to pay the utilities and buy groceries.   That defining moment on that night so many years ago let me know that we could make it.  The funny thing is that I never mentioned the impact of that night to my husband until this conversation.   That moment in time made it easier for me to not listen to all those who were still trying to tell me how wrong it was to get married so young.   

After, our conversation that night, I began thinking about the many moments that define our lives.   To be truthful, I’ve not really spent much time thinking about these defining moments.  Life can be so busy that sometimes you don’t recognize a defining moment until later – sometimes months or years later. 

In the past; when I heard the term “defining moment” I always thought it was a term with a positive spin.  However, when I look back at life; I realize that many defining moments aren’t always positively received or recognized.  In fact, many of those so called defining moments seem to happen in reaction to life events that just don’t have any type of positive spin.   How we react to the catastrophic times defines us as much (if not more than) reactions to the good, happy times. (Defining Moments)


Looking back, I can see many defining moments in my life. 

I certainly didn’t recognize most of them as defining moments at the time; but my choices and reactions to many of these times certainly altered the path of my life. 

I will share just a few with you.  There are others on my list – some are too personal to put on this blog and some would only make sense to me.  These I listed seem rather generic until I place them in my life.  My life would be much different without these moments and the choices I made.

  • Meeting my husband-to-be when I was just 16.
    • Taking a leap of faith and marrying him 1 &1/2 years later.
  • Having children earlier in life (barely 21) than I had planned.
  • My husband’s job as a lineman for an electric company.
  • The on the job accident my husband had early in our marriage. I thank God everyday that my husband survived that day and that his injuries were not life altering.
  • The loss of loved ones through the years.
  • Going to college while raising children.
    •  The professor who told me I had no business being in college –that I should go home and take care of my kids.
    • Changing my major to education.
  •  Becoming a teacher.
    •  The day I realized that teaching was what I was meant to do.
  • Getting my Master’s Degree in Information Sciences.
  • Serving in leadership roles in an educators’ organization.
  • The birth of my grandsons.
  •  Retiring from education.

Looking at this list I think that my most defining moment from this list is meeting and marrying my husband.  Every moment since then has been impacted in someway because of him, with him or with his support. 


What defining moments have had an impact on your life?   I hope you’ll take a moment to share in the comments section below.


3 thoughts on “Life’s Defining Moments

  1. You have a strong personality, having been married for that young. It is so amazing ….your most defining moment was by the time you meet and married your husband. I bet you are a caring and loving wife.

    Life are full of struggles and trials yet you , with your hunband survived the test.

    I am interested to know more about your love story..

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