15 Reasons Retiring Early Worked For Me
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15 Reasons Retiring Early Worked For Me

re·tire·ment noun 1.  the action or fact of leaving one’s job and ceasing to work. I was privileged to spend 24 years working as a teacher and school librarian.   Even though we liked our jobs; my hubby and I decided about 15 years ago we wanted to retire early.   We wanted to enjoy life, travel … Continue reading

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Catching up on Photo A Day

 Spot – Photo A Day (#fmsphotoaday) Any spot is a good spot for reading. Photo 1 – Reading makes waiting to get a haircut go faster. Photo 2 – Reading big brother’s book while waiting his turn for a haircut.  Energy   Photo A Day (#FMSphotoaday) Moving takes lots of energy.  We’re all exhausted including … Continue reading

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Collector of Quotes

I’ve become a collector of quotes.  It wasn’t a conscious decision — just something that gradually happened.   As a teacher, I used quotes as writing prompts, inspirational messages and even decorations.  I displayed posters, banners and calendars with educational or motivational quotes around my classroom (and later the library).   I kept a list of … Continue reading