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I’ve become a collector of quotes.  It wasn’t a conscious decision — just something that gradually happened.   As a teacher, I used quotes as writing prompts, inspirational messages and even decorations.  I displayed posters, banners and calendars with educational or motivational quotes around my classroom (and later the library).   I kept a list of my favorite quotes on my computer at work.  I transferred that list to my personal computer when I left education and it just sat there for several months.  Then, I started noticing all the quotes floating around the Internet.  Technology makes it easy to make an online version of a poster or card in just seconds that can be quickly shared on some type of social media such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.   I alway stop for a minute to read those I come across; but I’ve found that it’s not always easy to find them again.  That began my collection — in a folder on my desktop titled “Inspiration”.  (The librarian part of me still makes sure that I give credit to the author of the quote and to the designer of the version I save  — if at all possible.)  This collection is rather eclectic: many are inspirational or motivational,  some relate to reading and books (the librarian again), a few only make sense to photographers and of course, some are just funny. I decided to devote a little space to share some of the ones I’ve collected.  When possible, I’ll include a link to the original post or quote.  If you have one (or more) you’d like to share; send me a link or note in the comment section.

These first two touched my heart this week. We often forget that children are so vulnerable.   The last is probably supposed to be funny; but it rang  a little too true for me.

Peggy O'Mara

Peggy O’Mara

The Silver



quotes_the-kids-who-need-the-most-loveRead more about this quote by clicking here.



 This seems to be all over Facebook; but I don’t know where it originated.  Unfortunately, somedays it is all too true.

Feel free to share your thoughts, quotes and jokes in the comment section below.


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