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Hornbek Homestead (MM)

Hornbek Homestead_FlorissantValley_CO_MM_LindaJamesPhotography__

In the center of Florissant Valley, Colorado stands the Hornbek homestead complex.  Adeline Hornbek came to the area with her four children in the 1870s. Claiming land under the Homestead Act, she defied traditional gender roles to become the owner of a prosperous ranch. (NPS.gov)

The Hornbek Homestead is not the one room log cabin we envision when we think of homestead life.  Completed in 1878, the house had four bedrooms, a kitchen, and a parlor. It was the first in the Florissant valley to have more than one story. The home is There are also a number of outbuildings which were relocated to the site.

You can read more about Adeline Hornbek on the National Park Service website.

Monochrome Madness Challenge

“Hornbek Homestead (MM)” is my entry for his week’s Monochrome Madness Challenge.      You can join the Monochrome Madness challenge and see more entries over at Leanne Cole Photography. You can view my other Monochrome Madness Challenge entries by clicking on Monochrome Madness.


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