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Water Flows Over the Spillway at Lake Texoma

Six days later water is still flowing over the Lake Texoma spillway (May 30, 2015).↑

Month of May Breaks Rainfall Records

Many lakes in North Texas are overflowing due to May’s massive rains.  In fact, according to channel 8 news WFAA, ” It rained 24 out of 31 days last month, making it the wettest May for Dallas-Fort Worth in 117 years.”

Historic Water Levels at Lake Texoma

Lake Texoma is one of the largest reservoirs of fresh water in the United States and has been above “full pool level” for several weeks. For only the 4th time in 58 years, water began flowing over the Lake Texoma spillway May 24, 2015. The lake level must be 640 feet above sea level in order for water to flow over the dam. On Friday, May 29, reports said the lake was 5 feet over the spillway and that around 100,000 cubic feet per second of water was being released from Lake Texoma.  One TV reporter said that the water was spilling over at rate equal to 3 olympic size pools every 3 seconds (I’m still looking for documentation of this as fact; but it does provide a good visual).   You can see my Lake Texoma photos from May 23, 2015 here.

Highway 91 Flooded

Highway 91 closed due to flooding.↑

Road to Eisenhower State Park Covered in Water

Eisenhower State Park is unreachable by the main road.↑

Debris Makes Boating Dangerous

Boaters are advised to stay off the lake due to floating debris.↑

The coast guard patrols the area. ↑

Water Released Through the Conduits and Hydro-generators

Amazing amounts of water were also flowing through the hydro-generator and the flood conduits. ↑

Do you live close to a lake that has flooded or been close to flood level?  How did it affect your area?

I’ll share more photos of the Red River and some of the flooded recreational areas if Lake Texoma in my next post.

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