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Project Life & My Attempts at Scrapbooking (part 2)

In part 1 of My Attempts at Scrapbooking, I described my scrapbooking process through the years.  I also confessed that I’ve spent more time collecting supplies than finishing pages.

Project LIfe

Last year, I learned about Project Life in one of my classes at Big Picture Classes.  Project Life is a way to preserve your memories through a form of pocket scrapbooking.  You can choose from physical or digital Project Life.  There’s even an app to make it even easier.  You can learn all about Project Life on their website.

There are many gorgeous kits available.  You can purchase all the supplies needed on the website,  from or from stores like Michaels.  The first physical kit I purchased was the Midnight Edition Core Kit.

The kit includes enough cards to complete a 12” x 12” scrapbook ( a total of 616 cards). There are double-sided journaling cards, title cards, first and last page cards.  Very simply you choose the design you want for you  photo pocket page and insert your photos and cards from the kit.  You can choose to add some embellishments or personal mementos.  Project Life is a quick and easy way to scrapbook your memories.

The only problem I have is that we are in the process of building a new home; so all my photos and kits are in storage.  My craft room was the first room we packed up.   (You can read about our journey to build our home here.)

Digital Project Life

I decided to check out the Digital Project Life.  There are many beautiful kits available to purchase.  Everything in the digital version looks the same as the physical version.  You can choose digital embellishments or you can add physical embellishments and mementos once you print the pages.   I purchased some pocket page templates and tried out a few layouts.  It was pretty easy to do; so I purchased a kit to get started.  Life seemed to get extra busy and there was little time for scrapbooking.

Project Life App

Then, I found the Project Life App.  With the app I can scrapbook on my iPad or iPhone. It’s so quick and easy I can work on it anytime I have a few minutes.  You just add photos, zoom, crop, rearrange photos with just the tap of your finger.  The app comes with enough digital supplies to get you started.  There’s also in app purchases available for additional kits and templates.  The biggest problem I was that most of my photos are on my computer.  I’d have to email or text the photos from my computer to my iPad.  With the newest IOS update iPads and iPhones have air drop which makes transferring photos so much easier.  You can learn about using air drop with iPad here.

The greatest advantage of using the Project Life App when comparing the various Project Life versions is the ease of using the app.  Saturday, I finished 12 pages in just a short time.  You can also order prints straight from the app.  I ordered my first group of pages from Persnickety Prints ($1.99 for 12 x 12 pages or $.99 for 8 x 8 pages)  I’ll share more about the prints once they arrive.

The only disadvantage I’ve found when comparing the Project Life App and the Digital Version of Project Life is that the app pages seem flat.  The app doesn’t include drop shadows or embellishments.  I’ve decided I can always add physical embellishments to my printed pages if I want a more 3D look.

Here’s a few of the pages I completed Saturday.

Have you tried Project Life yet?



5 thoughts on “Project Life & My Attempts at Scrapbooking (part 2)

    • I’m glad that my post might be of use to you. 🙂 I wanted to post some of my Project Life pages and it seemed too random if I didn’t explain it (at least a little). DIY is one of my fav ways to spend time. I’ll be stopping by your blog soon. Thanks for dropping by my little corner of blogsville.

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    • I’m going to start in the present and work backwards. I think I’ll do a combination of the Project Life App and digital Project Life on my computer. Keep me posted on how it goes for you. 🙂

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