My Journey – Finding Joy Everyday
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My Journey – Finding Joy Everyday

Friday was the 50th day in my Finding Joy Everyday Journey.   Not to sound cheesy; but this journey seems to be working for me.  This last week; I’ve had one of those nasty cold/sinus things going on.  It would have been easy to just let “Joy” slide for a few days.  I gave myself a … Continue reading

January’s Project Life  – Finding Joy Everyday
Daily Reflections / Finding Joy Everyday / Project Life app

January’s Project Life – Finding Joy Everyday

“Finding Joy Everyday” is my 2016 goal for the year.  I’m telling the story of this journey through photos that I post on Instagram everyday. You can find me on Instagram – ldjames1. I, also, use the Collect app to document my daily “Joys” in calendar format.  The final step every week in my “Finding Joy Everyday” journey is … Continue reading