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Scrapbooking Winter

Normally, I wouldn’t scrapbook snow pictures; but I’m trying to save memories of our everyday life.  AND snow was certainly part of our everyday life during the winter of 2014/2015.  Our part of Texas doesn’t always get lots of snow at once; however, last winter there were several storms that brought 5 or 6 inches.  One storm left us with 12 inches of snow.  Many of these photos are from that snowstorm.  I completed these pages with the Project Life app on my iPad.  You can read my post about scrapbooking with the Project Life app here.

This is one photo I didn’t include on my pages.  Ugly piles of snow can be found in parking lots and along roadways for days (and sometimes weeks) after a snowstorm.  It’s certainly a part of winter time.  I just couldn’t find the right spot for the photo.  Do you think I should have included it?


4 thoughts on “Scrapbooking Winter

    • Thanks! 🙂 I’ve decided to include the photo. We’ve recently moved and won’t be experiencing the parking lot piles of snow anymore; so it will be a good reminder. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂


  1. Yes you should include it! I love that picture. Even the not so pretty is part of daily life. I remember when I lived in Maine we would have the first spring thaw. I called it “dog doo spring” because it would all thaw at once and the stench was unbelievable. Now I’m not advocating that you take a picture of that -or yellow snow for that matter. But I think a ginormous pile of old, dirty snow is a great representation of a long, tough winter.

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    • Thanks for your input. I left a spot for it on the bottom of the first page. I’d already decided I should put it in before I print the pages. — Especially since, we’ve recently moved and shouldn’t experience any more piles of parking lot snow. LOL Thanks for stopping by.

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