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My Attempts at Scrapbooking (part 1)

Scrapbooking is something I’ve always enjoyed.  I started many years ago doing traditional scrapbooks — you know the ones that require lots of supplies.  I have stacks and stacks of paper, tons of embellishments and lots of other materials that just caught my eye.  Truthfully, it was fun shopping for the supplies and I seemed to get more supplies purchased than pages completed.  I enjoyed traditional scrapbooking; but it just seemed to take me too long to finish a page.

Hybrid Scrapbooking

I soon started mixing digital and traditional scrapbooking.  I’d do the majority of the project or page on the computer; print it and add some embellishments.  Sometimes, I’d print the text and embellishments and add them to a simple traditional page.  This is one of my combined projects.  I printed the photos, the text and added embellishments to scrapbook paper.



Digital Scrapbooking

Then, I started completely focusing on digital scrapbooking.  It was faster and potentially less expensive.  There are many free digital kits available and even more options available for purchase.  The great advantage is that digital kits can be used over and over.


Digitally Designed by — ME

I found that sometimes it was just easier to do everything in Photo Shop and not worry about using kits.

Jacob and Jackson on Jacob's "bike"




Eventually, I began to make some of my own digital papers and used the digital kits I collected to make ploppers.  (Ploppers are pages that are ready to just drop in a photo — very quick and easy.)

I soon found that printing all the digital pages was just too expensive; so I ended up with most of my work on the computer.  Now the photos and the scrapbook pages were just sitting on my computer.  Actually, I felt I was falling further behind in my goals for the memories I wanted to share.

Last year, I was looking for an easier way to save our memories and found Project Life.  Project Life was mentioned in one of my classes over at Big Picture Classes.  I did some research and decided it might be perfect for me.

Project life is a method of pocket scrapbooking that makes saving memories easy and fast.  You can choose the physical or digital versions and there’s even an app available now.  In tomorrow’s post I’ll share some of the digital pages I made using the Project Life app.  (By the way, if you aren’t familiar with Big Picture Classes —  you should check them out.  Lots of cool new things will be happening with them soon.)

What’s your favorite way to scrapbook?

Check back tomorrow for part 2 of My Attempts at Scrapbooking.










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