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January’s Project Life – Finding Joy Everyday

“Finding Joy Everyday” is my 2016 goal for the year.  I’m telling the story of this journey through photos that I post on Instagram everyday. You can find me on Instagram – ldjames1. I, also, use the Collect app to document my daily “Joys” in calendar format.  The final step every week in my “Finding Joy Everyday” journey is to scrapbook the photos with the Project Life app.


This will be a year of change for our family. The hubby and I just moved into a new home near a lake. Living in the country will bring a whole new appreciation to life for these city slickers. We also have lots of organizing, decorating and landscaping left to do. I am excited to document this year of changes in my life.

You can read about my “One Word’ and one resolution in the post Finding Joy Everyday.


This was a good month. We love living in our new home.  Our grandsons spent a few amazing days with us.   We had some family time when both our son and daughter we’re able to come out to the lake house.  It’s great living closer to our daughter, son and the grands.

My 2016 Finding Joy Everyday First Page


 Project Life App – Joy 2016 – January (Weeks 1 – 4).

I actually made 2 versions of week one because I decided to go with different colors.  You can see my first set of pages in my post Finding Joy Everyday – Week 1.  Which version do you like best?

You can read about my scrapbooking style and Project Life in these posts:
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Do you scrapbook with Project Life?  Do you use print, digital or app?



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