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Finding Joy Everyday

Hello 2016

It’s a week into 2016 and I’m ready to share my one resolution for the year – “Finding Joy Everyday!”.   I want to focus on the present and appreciate life.  We have lots of change occurring this year and I want to make sure that I take time to appreciate everything without getting wrapped up in the worry/ panic cycle.

One Word

Last year, I decided that I’d take my one resolution one step further and try the “One Word” focus for the year.   It worked better for me than having a multitude of resolutions; so I’m going to continue with a “One Word”  focus this year.  I know several people who choose a theme or one word every year as their goal or resolution. A Google search will turn up several books and websites describing methods for one word resolutions.  It seems to work for many people.

My one word for 2016 is Joy.  I’m going to do my best to find Joy each and everyday of this year.   I decided around Thanksgiving that “Joy” would probably be my “One Word” for 2016.  It seems a natural progression from my “One Word” for 2015 – grateful.

a feeling of great pleasure and happiness.
delight, great pleasure, joyfulness, jubilation, triumph,

I’ve started the year by taking a photo everyday of something that gives me Joy.  I’ve been sharing them on Instagram (#findingjoyeveryday) and keeping track of the photos with the Collect app on my iPad.  I plan to share each month’s collection of photos.

2015_www.rainydayreflections.com_Good-bye 2015

Last year, I chose not to set a bunch of New Year’s resolutions and to instead find one area to focus on for the year.  You can read about my decision in My One Resolution for 2015 and My One Word for 2015.  Simplifying my goals for the year worked better for me than trying to live up to specific goals that made me feel guilty when I stopped.
My one resolution last year was to be grateful everyday.  In many ways, it was a difficult year.  Striving to be grateful actually made some of those difficult days easier to handle because I forced myself to look around for the blessings.  I’ll admit that being grateful was easier some days than others; but I think that’s the point of a resolution.  I didn’t take a photo everyday last year; but I did post many on Instagram with  #elevatetheeveryday and #celebrateeveryday.

Share Your One Word or Resolutions for 2016

Do you set several resolutions or just one or two?  Or did you decide to focus on “One Word” for 2016?  Share your resolutions or “One Word” in the comments and lets support each other in 2016.




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