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Joy – Week 1


Joy is my “One Word” for 2016  and my one resolution for 2016 is “Finding Joy Everyday”.  I am documenting my year through photos on Instagram and with the Collect app.  (Join me on Instagram.)  These are my photos for the first week.  I am blessed to have lots of joy to celebrate everyday.


We were thrilled to finally get to use my new popcorn maker.  It was in storage since Christmas of 2014 while our house was in the process of being finished.   My middle grandson appointed himself as the popcorn helper.



Our oldest and youngest grandsons spent a few minutes together not fighting.  It was sweet watching the oldest help the youngest with his iPad.



He stopped playing just long enough to pose for a quick photo and give me a kiss on the check.  His kisses are extra sweet because the two oldest don’t want all that kissing stuff any more.



Watching my oldest grandson learning to skateboard on his new big boy skateboard made me smile.  I love watching my boys playing their way through the day.



We decided forget our budget and add a pool to our dream home.  We were excited to see the workers get started.



I really like my new blue burlap pillow in this chair.  I can sit in this chair and look out the window on days when it is too cold (or hot) to sit out on our porch.


FJE-1-7-16_www.rainydayreflections.com_Today was a good day.  We got almost everything marked off our lists – mine, hubby’s and ours.  Moving is hard work; but we’re getting there.

I hope you’ll come back next Friday to see my second week of photos.

You can read about my one resolution and “One Word” for 2016 in my post Finding Joy Everyday.  What’s your resolution or “One Word” for 2016?  How are you going to document your year?



2 thoughts on “Joy – Week 1

  1. I love your furniture and how you decorate.Is everything new for the most part. And a pool being added. That will be neat. Who will clean it, a service? It will be good exercise and the grandkids will love it!! You blog is so neat. I am still learning how to navigate around it.

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    • Thanks! The sofas and chairs in the family room are new. I sold some of our furniture before we moved because I wanted to decorate differently than what we had. We are excited about the pool. We’re going to try taking care of it ourselves. We’ll see how that goes. Thanks for checking out my blog. 🙂


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