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February’s One Photo Focus

One Photo Focus is a photography challenge hosted by Stacy over at Visual Venturing. The participants in this challenge edit the same image and share it on the One Photo Focus Forum. You can get more information and join the One Photo Focus monthly challenge over at Stacy Fisher’s Visual Venturing.

My Version(s)

This month I have two edited versions to share because I couldn’t decide which one I like the most.  My hubby liked the first one the most and I was leaning toward the second one. — So, you get to see both.


First, I used the Landscape Bright filter in my new Aurora HDR Pro app.  I’m still learning how to tweak photos with this program; but so far I like how it performs.  Next, I used the Fotor app to angle and crop the photo.

One Photo Focus (Version 2)


For this version, I again used the Aurora HDR Pro app; but with the Architecture Bright filter.  Next, I used the clouds filter in the Fotor app to add some color to the clouds, changed the angle and  cropped the photo.

Which version do you like best?


Original Photo

OPF Image for Feb JPGl Sized

Thanks to Stacey from lens addiction for letting us use her original photo.

One Photo Focus

Check out the other entries for February’s One Photo Focus at Stacey’s After-Before Friday Forum. You can get more information and join the One Photo Focus monthly challenge over at Stacy Fisher’s Visual Venturing .


11 thoughts on “February’s One Photo Focus

    • Thanks, Lori. It seems the first one is the most popular. I’m glad you stopped by. (I tried to post a reply the day you left your comment; but it never showed up on my side. I don’t know what’s going on. Sorry if you get two replies; but I wanted to let you know I had replied.)


    • I’m still learning; so I usually end up with about 5 or 6 variations. Of course, only a couple of those are ones I want to show anyone else. LOL Thanks for stopping by and for letting us work on your photo.


  1. Hmm, how’s this for a “politically correct’ answer: I think I like the clouds and water in the first and the color of the boat in the second 😀 I’m not familiar with Aurora HD. It’s always fun to learn about different post-processing apps! Thanks so much for taking part this month, Linda. Always great to have you!


    • That works. LOL I’m sure that something I should be able to do with this program; I just need to learn how. 🙂 Aurora HDR is by Macphum. I came across them by accident and find I really like their apps. Thanks for the great challenge.


      • I had the name of the program wrong in my post (now corrected). It’s actually Aurora HDR. LOL I got the Macphun Creative Suite at an amazing price last year and with a free update. Aurora HDR just came out and I’m impressed so far. (They run some great specials on the Macphun website.) I also use PSE some; but the Macphun apps are quickly becoming my favs. I just need to find sometime to really learn the programs. Have a great weekend. 🙂


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