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My Journey – Finding Joy Everyday

Friday was the 50th day in my Finding Joy Everyday Journey.   Not to sound cheesy; but this journey seems to be working for me.  This last week; I’ve had one of those nasty cold/sinus things going on.  It would have been easy to just let “Joy” slide for a few days.  I gave myself a lecture and looked around to find a little bit of “Joy”.  And — everyday, it is right there waiting for me.  It’s so easy for me to get caught up in the worry/panic busy life mode.  This Finding Joy Everyday journey seems to keep me from constantly focusing on all the yuck and muck of life.    I’m documenting my Joy Journey through Instagram, the Collect app and the Project Life app.

I want — no I need this to be a great year for myself, my family and my friends.

On January 7th in my post Finding Joy Everyday I wrote that “I want to focus on the present and appreciate life. We have lots of change occurring this year and I want to make sure that I take time to appreciate everything without getting wrapped up in the worry/ panic cycle.”  This is still an important goal for me.

We have lots of good things happening in our life.  Things like moving into our new home; not having to go to work everyday and spending time with our grandsons.  However, as we all know life is also made up of things that are “not so great”.  There’s no need to go into my “not so great” issues.  Just let me say that I want to focus on the “great” instead of the “not so great”.

This is a year of change for our family. The hubby and I just moved into a new home near a lake. Living in the country will bring a whole new appreciation to life for these city slickers. We also have lots of unpacking, organizing, decorating and landscaping left to do. I am excited to document this year of changes in my life.


I’ve posted at least one photo everyday on Instagram that represents Joy to me.  You can follow me on Instagram at LdJames1.


⇑ Joy – Day 50


⇑ Joy – Day 49


Collect App

Then, I take those photos and place them in the Collect app.  The Collect app provides me a calendar of my daily photos.  There are many apps available similar to Collect.  I like Collect because it’s so easy to use.


Project Life

Finally, I’m making a 2 page Project Life scrapbook spread for each week.


You can see my Project Life pages in my post January’s Project Life – Finding Joy Everyday .

You can read about my one New Year’s Resolution by clicking Finding Joy Everyday .

Finding Joy Everyday Challenge

You are invited to join me in my Finding Joy Everyday journey.

I challenge everyone to fill up our social media feeds (You know –  Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, Google+, etc)  with the message of Joy.  Link back to this post; so we can motivate each other.

Let’s make this a fantastic year.


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