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Word Crush Wednesday Quote Challenge

This quote is a great reminder that the smallest act of kindness can be the first step to changing someone’s life.  Yes, that sounds Pollyannaish; but I believe it to be true.  — Goodness brings goodness. kindness brings kindness. —   Sometimes, it’s difficult to be the one who makes that little effort because we don’t always see the results of our actions at the time. What a better world we’d live in if only everyone would work at developing the kindness habit.  This week let’s make an extra effort to start a kindness goal —  to smile more, to truly listen, to give more hugs and hope the effort becomes a habit.

Leo Buscaglia was an author and professor at the University of Southern California.  You can learn more about him here.

My kindness goal.  — This week, I’m going to make an extra effort to be kind while I drive.
–I’m going to let that person in front of me instead of trying to block them from moving into my lane.
–I’m going to smile and wave when someone cuts me off instead of frowning and maybe saying a few bad words
    under my  breath.
–I’m going wave or at least smile at the person in the car next to me at the stop light.

Do you believe kindness brings kindness?
What one thing will you change this week for the kindness challenge?


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