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Lake George, Colorado

LookingAcrossLakeGeorge__LindaJamesPhotography  Lake George, Colorado

Lake George, Colorado is a small manmade lake set in the Rocky Mountains. The lake and its town sit on Highway 24 at an elevation of 7992 feet.

We passed by this gorgeous lake several times on a recent trip to take our grandson to Camp Alexander Boy Scout Camp.  Several of the days were cloudy; so the lake and the surrounding mountains took on different colors at different times of the day.


According to Uncover Colorado, the town of Lake George was established as a railroad stop  in 1891 for the Colorado Midland Railway.  The man-made lake was built by George Frost for the purpose of supplying ice to the railroad. 

Unfortunately, we didn’t have a chance to visit the area or to fish this trip; but hope to spend more time there on our next trip.

Monochrome Photo

You can see a monochrome photo of Lake George in this post.





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