A Quick Christmas Tour
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A Quick Christmas Tour

We are finally living in our new home.  It’s been a long journey due to weather delays; but I think it’s proving worth the wait.  Many of our friends and family have asked for a photo tour.  We are still unpacking;so I haven’t shared too many photos yet.  Here’s a photo of the outside.  (You’ll need … Continue reading

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Welcome to the Metroplex!

Moving from a small city of around 200,000 to a metroplex of over 7,000,000 requires a few adjustments.  Learning to navigate the multitude of highways and different routes to get places is one of the biggest challenges we’ve faced. Driving through the Metroplex The overpasses and bridges are amazing.  They overlap and seem to go every which … Continue reading

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Catching up on Photo A Day

 Spot – Photo A Day (#fmsphotoaday) Any spot is a good spot for reading. Photo 1 – Reading makes waiting to get a haircut go faster. Photo 2 – Reading big brother’s book while waiting his turn for a haircut.  Energy   Photo A Day (#FMSphotoaday) Moving takes lots of energy.  We’re all exhausted including … Continue reading

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Home For Sale (Only Slightly Used)

 Tomorrow’s the day! Tomorrow’s the day!  We’re going to list our home for sale. We’ve been planning and thinking about our new home for months; however, I haven’t really thought much about moving from this house. This has been our home for almost 24 years. Our children grew up here.  We’ve painted and remodeled rooms (some more … Continue reading