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A Quick Christmas Tour

We are finally living in our new home.  It’s been a long journey due to weather delays; but I think it’s proving worth the wait.  Many of our friends and family have asked for a photo tour.  We are still unpacking;so I haven’t shared too many photos yet.  Here’s a photo of the outside.  (You’ll need to overlook the folding chair on the porch.  We have a new glider that hasn’t been unpacked, yet.)  As you can see, the landscaping needs work.  It’s on the to-do list for after the holidays.


Christmas Decorations

Most everyone who knows me, knows that I usually go all out with the  Christmas decorations.  Since most everything we own was in storage for over a year; I wasn’t sure that I’d be able to decorate for the holidays this year.  It wasn’t planned (because after all this time –there was no plan); but our Christmas decorations were in the first load of boxes the movers brought.  I was beyond thrilled that I’d to see those boxes. I quickly found a place for a few decorations on the fireplace mantle and bookshelves.

No Dishes or Pans

We don’t have many dishes or pots and pans, yet.  Those boxes must still be in storage.  We can use paper plates and eat frozen dinners for a few more days; however, you can’t postpone Christmas.  As I told my hubby, “We can eat frozen pizza on paper plates and look at our Christmas tree.”. A_Little_Corner_Of_Christmas_www.rainydayreflections.com_

The snowmen look great sitting on top of the bookcase.  Snowmen_www.rainydayreflections.com__

There are still more boxes of Christmas decorations for me to unpack.  However, this far into the holiday season, I may not put out many more decorations for this year.  I’m just happy that I was able to decorate for our first Christmas in our Forever Home.

Do you like to decorate for the holidays?

Do you go overboard just a little or are you a minimalist?

Share a Christmas Photo

Here’s a chance for you to share photos of your Christmas tree or decorations.  Email me a photo of your Christmas tree or favorite decorations to rainydayreflections2015@gmail.com.  I’ll compile all the photos I receive into one post.  Please let me know your location and include a link to your blog.  (You can still take part even if you don’t blog — just email me the photo and your location.)  I’ll delete all photos from my computer as soon as I post them.



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