Let's Build a House

Moving – phase 1

We’re Really Going to Move

We’ve been working with our builder on the design for our new home for several months now.  The fact that we’re moving has not really seemed too real until today because so far all the work on the new house has been on paper only.   True, we’ve been packing boxes and moving furniture around.  We’re slowly going  through our accumulation of “stuff”.   We’ve been trying  to pare down the “stuff” to some semblance of less.  (I am a book lover and crafter; so it’s been hard.)  However, the ideal of moving became very real today when my hubby and several of his coworkers began the task of moving our antique light pole.   This light pole spent many years in a local park until the powers-that-be decided to replace all the lights with modern ones.   The light pole is made from concrete and the tag on the bottom of it dates it to 1921.   It’s done a wonderful job of lighting our front yard for over 24 years.   Now it’s going to our new home.

Here are few photos of the intricate process of getting the light pole moved.

(Click on a photo to read the description and to start a slide show.)

A special thanks to the guys from Southwestern Public Service who came to move our light pole.


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