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Welcome to the Metroplex!

Moving from a small city of around 200,000 to a metroplex of over 7,000,000 requires a few adjustments.  Learning to navigate the multitude of highways and different routes to get places is one of the biggest challenges we’ve faced.

Driving through the Metroplex

The overpasses and bridges are amazing.  They overlap and seem to go every which way.  It’s always a great day when we end up on the right one.

Sitting in Traffic Happens Daily

I call these the red tail lights of doom.  We try to plan our excursions around the high traffic times.  This is actually on a toll road; so the other highways are probably even worse.

Find the Toll Road

Using toll roads is a big adjustment; especially considering,  we use to avoid the toll roads when we traveled.  Why pay to travel over a road when there are free ones available?  Now we have a toll tag and plan our routes with the toll roads in mind.

What kind of adjustments did you face when you made a move?


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