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Three Interpretations of Triumph

Photo 101 – Triumph & Contrast (assignment 20)

Our last assignment for Photo 101 required some heavy brainstorming on my part.  I had several ideas; but nothing seemed to really fit the theme.  Then, on Saturday we went to an Easter celebration and I had the opportunity to take a few photos.  I love this shot of the balloon release at the end of the program.  I feel this photo meets the triumph theme for several reasons:  first of course, the balloons symbolize the Easter celebration’s theme “He is Risen”;  second, it was a triumph that the kids held on to the balloons in the Texas wind; and third, it was a triumph that the littlest ones let their balloons go when it was time.  It was a beautiful sight to see the balloons rising in the sky.

We also had an early Easter egg hunt and I thought this photo was just precious.  He was so excited to find so many eggs.  He came over to show me that he got more than 1 egg.  He said that he found 4 more.  You have to love the enthusiasm of the little ones.  I think this photo qualifies for the theme triumph. (Please excuse the lawn chairs in the background; but this was an unstated and unplanned photo.)

I actually took this photo last year.  It was a triumph for me to get the photo.  I found what I thought was a great spot and waited (and waited) for  the”magic moment”.  The sky was actually this glorious color.   It also represents the triumph of the fisherman; whom I am going to assume caught many giant fish.    Most importantly, it represents the end of a fabulous vacation day on the beach.

I’ve really enjoyed Photo 101.  It’s great to have the motivating themes to keep me challenged.  I’ll be going back to my photo a day posts beginning tomorrow.  Please share any themes you think would make a great photo-a-day challenge.


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