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Boy Scout Regatta

A favorite event of most Cub Scouts is the annual Rain Gutter Regatta.

I love this photo of the colorful boats waiting to race.  The boys must make their boats by themselves; however, guidance from an adult is permitted.  This year Pops helped our grandson with his boat. Pops said that it seemed like it was just a few years ago that he was making boats with our son.  I’m happy to report that our grandson won 1st place — though it’s more about the experience than winning.  When asked how he won so many races, he said Pops told him to blow steady right in the center of the sail and showed him how to use paraffin to wax the runners on the boat.

Notice the inflatable “rain gutter” in the top left of the photo.  When our son was in scouts they used real rain gutters for their regattas.  I’m sure it’s much easier to store and use the inflatable version.

Did you participate in Scouts?  What’s your favorite memory of scouting?





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