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Sometimes You Will Never Know…

Word Crush Wednesday Quote Challenge

Life moves so fast and sometimes days seem to go by in a blur.  However, each of the moments we are living so fast are making memories.  We need to take time to reflect on the lessons of life and to cherish those memories.

I choose this quote for the Word Crush Wednesday Quote Challenge because sometimes life seems overwhelming.  This is my reminder to stop and remember the great (and even the not so great) moments whether in the distant past or just last week.  I need to take some time to share photos with my grandsons and to tell them the stories of those photos.  We need to make time to talk about what happens each day.  I want to help them remember the good memories of their lives.

How do you share memories with your family?

You can join the Word Crush Wednesday Quote Challenge and read other WCW quotes at Lisa’s blog rebirthoflisa.


3 thoughts on “Sometimes You Will Never Know…

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    • I’ve thought about writing a fiction version based on our family. There are some things that would be pretty obvious to some. LOL I wrote the post about my grandmother teaching me to make cornbread dressing and it made me think of many other things I’d hate to see forgotten. 🙂

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