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Writing 201 – Fog, Elegy & Metaphor

Today’s Assignment

Word prompt – Fog
Form – Elegy
Device – Metaphor

I signed up for this class on the spur of the moment because I thought it might be interesting.  I never expectd to find poetry running through my brain all day long.  My hubby just shakes his head in bafflement as I share my excitement and bits of poetry.  Lucky for me, he’s the supportive type and doesn’t grumble out loud.

Here’s my first attempt at an Elegy.



Morning Fog

The sun rises in the sky
As the morning fog swirls,
Leaving shadows in her mind.
She shakes her head as if to remove
All traces of doubt and dismay.
Still dreaming of those days;
Shining, shimmering days of long ago,
And the wondrous, whirling dance of life.
She sighs, almost contented,
If only the fog would stay at bay.
Hoping, praying, it’s just a hindrance;
Soon forgotten in the daily scheme.
Looking for small remembrances;
A wink, a smile, a touch,
Makes it all seem so surreal.
Although she knows the day draws near
When things will never be the same again.


Have you always written poetry or did something (or someone) inspire you to start?


5 thoughts on “Writing 201 – Fog, Elegy & Metaphor

  1. I think this is really good. And honestly, elegies are not easy. At least I don’t think so. I love this, personally. It is sad, and while my mother doesn’t have Alzheimer’s, she is starting to get more forgetful as time goes by.


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