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Pops of Spring


Photo 101 — Pop of Color (assignment 11)

Photo 1 – Sun Ray –Yellow pansy pops against the green leaves and purple pansies.

Photo 2 – Flower Row – These petunias promise that spring is almost here.

Photo 3 – Shy — This gorgeous pink/orange flamingo seems to be hiding from the camera.  (Hubby took this shot.
It was too good not to include.   I wasn’t quiet tall enough to shoot over the fence; so I set the camera and
handed it to him.   Great job – hubby!  )


4 thoughts on “Pops of Spring

  1. It’s beautiful for sure. I’m glad hubby was able to get the shot. 🙂 I felt I had to include it because it was such a “pop of color”. Thanks for dropping by my little blog.


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