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Blue Skies and Wheat Fields

This year’s summer wheat looks beautiful in the fields under the blue skies.

Texas summers are known for gorgeous blue skies filled with fluffy white clouds.  The golden summer wheat seems to glimmer in the sun as you drive by the fields.  I know nothing about farming; but I think this year’s wheat crops look healthier than last year’s.  It seems all the rain we’ve received has really made a difference for the farmers.  I took this photo while traveling on Texas Highway 287.

One Word Challenge

This summer I’m attempting to photograph the everyday things that don’t always receive attention.  My Instagram tags for these photos are “celebrating the everyday” and “this is my life”.  It’s part of my “One Word” campaign for the year.  Gratitude is my “One Word” for this year and for me celebrating the everyday is part of showing gratitude.

You can read about my “One Word” challenge here.

What’s your “One Word” for 2015?  If you don’t have one yet; remember, It’s never too late to challenge yourself.  Share your “One Word” for this year in the comments below.


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