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In Teaching You Cannot See…

In teaching you cannot see the fruit of a day’s work.
It is invisible and remains so,
maybe for twenty years.
~Jacques Barzun

This week is the beginning of school in my part of Texas.  In honor of teachers and educators, my Word Crush Wednesday quotes for the next few weeks will be education related.

Teachers rarely get to see the true result of their work because the influence of a good teacher continues for many years.  A first grade teacher who takes the time to help a student learn to read changes that student’s life forever.  And a high school teacher who takes the extra time to show a student how to take notes or how to study helps that student be more successful in college.  These are things that teachers do everyday without knowing the final result and usually without the student even realizing they’ve been helped.

As an educator, one of my greatest joys was when a former student would stop by to visit.  It was always so good to see them and hear how they were doing.  Social media has made it even easier to keep up with some of my students.  I enjoy seeing their photos and reading about their lives.

This quote is my entry for this week’s Word Crush Wednesday Quote Challenge. You can join the Word Crush Wednesday Quote Challenge and read other WCW quotes at Lisa’s blog rebirthoflisa.

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