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Fall Reflections on Lake Ray Roberts

We recently moved to the Dallas/Fort Worth area.  Living in the crowded metroplex has taken some adjustment.  The metroplex is beautiful in it’s on way; but I really enjoy driving through the small towns an hour or so away.  Having lived most of my life in the Texas Panhandle, I find myself amazed by all the lakes in the North Texas area.  It seems that we drive past a lake almost every 10 or 15 miles.

These are some photos that I took of fall color reflecting in the water of Lake Ray Roberts off of Texas Highway 377.   The sky was exceptionally beautiful that day and looked like a watercolor painting.

The water made a great mirror for the sky and trees
since it was so calm and smooth.

Every year I say that Fall is my favorite season because I love all the beautiful colors as everything changes.  But I change my mind in Spring when everything comes out all fresh and new.  Then I  think that Spring is my favorite.  Which season is your favorite?

You can find more Fall photos in my post,  Looking for Fall.


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