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Chasing Sunsets – Texas Style

Sunsets are one of my favorite things to photograph.  Trying to capture that “Magic Moment” right before the sun sets has become a special passion of mine.

Texas is my home state; so naturally, I have many Texas sunset photos in my stash. Here are a  few of my favorite  Texas sunsets.  IMG_6727 (2)_Fotor3 copy

Texas Panhandle

Sunsets in the Texas Panhandle — where I lived for many years — are amazingly beautiful because of the wide, open spaces.   It seems that you can see for miles and miles as the sun reflects from the horizon through the sky.


Last_Rays_LindaJamesPhotography_sLast Rays
Lake Kiowa, Texas

We recently moved to North Texas and the sunsets here are beautiful also — just in different ways.  There are usually trees or lakes or bridges or barns in the scenery here that reflect the colors of the sun and sky.



The Lonely Tree
Texas Highway 287 close to Memphis, Texas

Often, on cloudy days – if you have enough patience the colors of the sky will become amazing for a few special moments.  I’ve learned that it’s important to wait for that magic moment.  On this day, the clouds were so heavy  that they looked like a blanket in the sky.



Texas Skyline

Then there are the days with no clouds in the sky and the setting sun gives everything an amazing glow.



Sunset Fishing
Galveston, Texas

Some days the sun is so bright, it makes silhouettes of everything between you and the sun.

What’s your favorite thing to do as the sun is setting?  I like to sit with a cold glass of tea and watch the sky until the sun is gone.  (And of course, I take a few photos along the way.)




5 thoughts on “Chasing Sunsets – Texas Style

    • Thanks so much. I have a Canon Rebel t4. I like it because it’s so light. I’m in the process of researching an upgrade. Are you photographer? What do you use?

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      • I love photography, although I’m very much an amateur. I currently have a Nikon Coolpix, but am thinking about an upgrade. I really enjoy your Texas photography!

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      • Thanks. I feel like I have lots to learn still. I have an older Nikon Coolpix. I took it on a trip to Spain & a cruise. It did pretty good. I prefer my Canon because I can change lens.

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