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Photographer – From Hobbyist to Professional

noun /fəˈtɑː.ɡrə.fɚ/
— a person who takes photographs, either as a job or hobby:

I’ve always been the one behind the camera taking photos of everyday life. Several years ago, I decided to start the move from photography hobbyist to a professional level. I began taking photography classes and learning as much as possible about photography.

I spent 24 years as an educator and school librarian including teaching Photo Journalism and Yearbook.  A move into photography seemed like a natural move for me.  I enjoy landscape and animal photography; but also take ‘Life Style’ photos.


Nocona Boot Factory
Nocona, Texas

This photo is one of my newest listings on my photography website Linda James Photography.  My photos can be purchased not only as prints; but the photos can also be printed on canvas, phone cases, tee shirts, shower curtains, cards and other items.  (Click the link to see the available Nocona Boot Factory Photo Products.)

Selling My Photography

I’m a little “out of my comfort zone” (okay – a lot) when it comes to selling my photography.  There are so many great photographers around that it makes me rather nervous to think about being in the same market.

You might ask why do it then?  There are several reasons.  First, I want to be recognized as a professional photographer/artist and that means I need to sell my art.  Second, I’d like to purchase updated photography equipment as mine wears out and becomes outdated.  A retired librarian/teacher’s salary doesn’t leave much room for purchasing expensive equipment.  And finally, one of the reasons I retired early was to pursue photography.

Social Media

I have a photography website Linda James Photography and this blog.  I try to promote both on social media. You can follow my Facebook page at Rainy Day Reflections.  I can, also, be found on TwitterPinterest and Instagram.  I’d really appreciate it if you’d follow me on one or all my social media.

Comfort Zone

What things “out of your comfort zone” do you need to do to reach your goals.



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