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A Moment Otherwise Gone

bird-momentI believe this quote is so true.  Photos help us remember our lives.

Rainy Day

I just had to grab my camera to get a photo of this little Cardinal as she used the squirrel deflector as her umbrella during a rain shower.  She didn’t eat; but just sat there like she was waiting for the rain to stop.  This photo will be here to remind me of the sweet moment when I looked out the window and saw the little bird.  It will also remind me of my grandsons because they all stopped what they were doing to look out the window, too.

Photos, photos, photos

I take photos all the time.  I use my iPhone, my iPad and my DSLR camera.  Sometimes my family just shakes their head because they think I’m photographing sometime ordinary.  However, I believe having photos of our everyday lives is just as important as photographing the special times.

I have tons of photographs that I need to print and put into an album; so that we actually have them to look at.  It seems in this age of digital photography that it’s easier to just leave them on your computer or phone.

Do you print your photos regularly or are they stored digitally?

Thoughtful Thursdays

As part of my 2018 goal to Spread Joy,  I am sharing quotes, poetry, photos and sometimes just my thoughts on Thursdays — Thoughtful Thursdays.  My hope is that these posts will help me (and maybe others) focus on the joys of life.

Join me on Thoughtful Thursdays

Simply email me at  rainydayreflections2015@gmail.com your positive or thoughtful quote, photo or poetry along with your post link by 2:00 PM CST each Wednesday. We are working on spreading joy; so please stay positive.  I’ll combine everything and post on Thursday afternoon.    (You do not have to be a Word Press blogger or write a post to participate; but I will post your link if you choose to write a post.)


5 thoughts on “A Moment Otherwise Gone

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  2. Cute little cardinal! You are right the hard drive has replaced the photo album. But I need to sort the images and delete those that are of poor quality. Otherwise the sheer quantity becomes overwhelming.

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    • She is a cute one. We have a male that comes around with her sometimes. He’s rather haughty and runs the other birds off. LOL I’m terrible about downloading all my photos without deleting the poor ones. My plan is to get them organized within the next few months.

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