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How a Want-A-Be, Untalented Musician Enjoys Music (part 2)

Searching For the Half-Full Glass

You might think I got the title of this blog post mixed up. I didn’t. It’s how I think – I’m a want-a-be, but untalented musician. I enjoy music; but I don’t make music. One of the ways that I enjoy music is by attending concerts. Over the years, I’ve been fortunate enough to attended many concerts. There are 40 performers on the list I started last night (I’m still working on my list). Is this considered an extreme or is it just normal? I’m not sure; but I’m grateful that I’ve been able to attend so many concerts.

The very first bands I saw in concert were The Grassroots and Iron Butterfly. I wasn’t really old enough to attend rock concerts at the time; but I went anyway. I’ll confess that I spent the night with a friend and her dad gave us money for the tickets. I’m sure…

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