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The Phone Photography Project 2

It’s a Learning Curve

Here are some of my photos from “The Phone Photography Project 2” class I’m taking over at Big Picture Classes.  This class is a lot like the photo challenge assignments I gave my students in Photojournalism and Yearbook.  I bet my former students would laugh to see me getting assigned some of the same type of assignments I gave them.  I decided to take this class because sometimes it’s just not easy to carry around my DSLR.   Lately, it seems that the times I’ve consciously  made the decision to leave the DSLR at home are the times when I find great photo opportunities.  I hoping to master phone photography; so that I can always get the shot with whatever camera I have available.    You can find more of the photos from this class on my Instagram feed – @ldjames1.

All photos are taken with an iPhone 5 or an iPad Mini.  Most are edited with Fotor on my computer.  A few are edited in iPhoto on the iPad Mini.  I’ve made a sideshow for each assignment.

Vantage Point

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