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30 Inspiring Quotes About Children


“Children are the world’s most valuable resource and

its best hope for the future.”

John Fitzgerald Kennedy

I believe that children are our most precious commodity.  They are the future.  How we educate and interact with children is one of the most important things an adult will ever do.   Children are so often lost in the shuffle of life.  As an educator, one of the most difficult things for me is watching children become casualties of their parents’ lives.   As parents (or grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends and educators), it is imperative that we are constantly aware of how our behavior affects the young ones in our lives.

Here are 29 more inspiring quotes about parenting,  children, and what children need (deserve).

I hope you find one or two that touch your heart.  These are in no particular order because I believe all are equally important.  Please add your favorite quotes and sayings about children in the comments below.  I’ll add them to the list.

Please note:  I don’t take credit for these quotes, sayings or the art work.  I’ve just organized them into this post because I believe each has something important to say.  When possible the author or creator is listed.  If one of these is yours, please let me know and I’ll link it to your site.



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