To Filter or Not

IMG_6851 - Version 2

Original photo taken with my Canon.

I usually prefer SOOC (straight out of camera) photography; but sometimes filters add a special pop to photographs.  This photo seemed like a good one to work with; so I decided to try out some of the filters in the FOTOR app.  What do you think? (For a larger version, just click on the photo.)  Please complete the opinion poll below — I’d love to know which photo you like the best.  Thanks for your input.

Do you edit your photography?  What program or filters do you use?


4 thoughts on “To Filter or Not

  1. Thanks for your spot-on analysis. Filters aren’t really my thing; but they’re fun to play around with. And also very popular with some. 🙂 I appreciate your vote. Linda


  2. Interesting effects going on there. The top left photo reminds me of the old Ektachrome slide film with its cool blue cast, top right looks like an old standard Kodak print film shot, whilst bottom left could have been Fuji film. Looks like the fairies got to bottom right! 🙂
    I’ll go with and have voted top left.

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    • It’s a free app that I downloaded on my MAC. It’s a quick way to edit photos without using Photo Shop. I decided to try out some filters today.


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