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On the Wall – Photo a Day

Photos for today’s FMS photo a day theme, “On the Wall”, provide an opportunity to share our RV life.  We just moved back into the RV since we sold our house and the new one isn’t finished yet.  (We recently lived in the RV for about a year while my hubby was working an out-of-town job.)

Photo 1 — One of the Walls in the RV.

Thank goodness for the multitude of windows throughout the RV that help our little space seem a little larger.  The view through the windows today are gray and icy rain. RV living is much easier when that view is sunshine and flowers.

Photo 2 — Cut Paper Artwork.

It adds a pop of color to a small area above the sofa.  I’ll be finding a spot for it in the new house once it’s finished.

Photo 3 — Elephant Canvas Print.

Those that know me would expect to see an elephant somewhere in my home or even in my RV.  It’s on a little ledge above the dining table.

Photos taken with my iPhone 5 and edited with the PSE app.

What’s on your walls?  Windows, doors, shadows, photos or artwork — it’s all part of our daily lives.

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Post your own photo a day photos and leave a ping back to join the fun.


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