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If Ever There’s a Tomorrow …


Word Crush Wednesday – #WCW


if ever_edited-2


This quote has always touched my heart.  I strongly believe that we all need at least one person who thinks we are brave, strong, and smart.  Someone that is always a part of our hearts.


Do you have any favorite quotes from your childhood books?

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5 thoughts on “If Ever There’s a Tomorrow …

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  2. Words such as these are more powerful than we can ever know. I think of how much they relate to a couple different times in my life when I was put in situations that I would never choose to be in, where I persevered because I was braver and stronger and smarter than I ever thought. Very meaningful.

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    • Thank you! Unfortunately, I think we’ve all had those situations where we had to be braver, stronger and smarter. The quote always touches my heart when I read it. 🙂

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