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Along a Lonely Road


These photos are from our recent trip to Missouri.  Yesterday, I shared a photo taken from on overlook in the Mark Twain National Forest.   Over the Tops of the Trees.  I took these photos on the way to that great spot.


Photo 1 – We were driving along a highway in the Mark Twain National Forest hoping to see some nice fall foliage.  Notice the nice paved road.


Photo 2 – We decided to take the road (trail) to the scenic overlook.  The well maintained dirt road became narrower as we drove into the forest.  The trees cast interesting (sometimes scary) shadows on our path.


Photo 3 – Ever so often, as we made it to the top of the pass;  we’d get a glimpse of this glorious expanse of trees and mountains.  This is the reason we continued driving on the dirt road in my little Sebring convertible.

Have you ever taken a turn off the main highway and ended up wondering where you were going?  I’d love to hear about your adventures.

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Post your own photo a day photos and leave a ping back to my site when you join the fun.


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