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Old Fences

Old fences GB RDR

Monochrome Madness

Old fences fascinate me because they have so many stories to tell.  Stories of the people and animals that have come across its path.  Did they climb over, go around or cut through the wire?  Why did they need to get the other side?

Driving through my part of Texas, you see all types of wood and barbed wire fences.  Sometimes, you might even see just a gate or a small part of a fence standing in a field.  Those are the fences that I think have the best stories to tell.

This photo was edited with Fotor (app on my Mac) using the Going Black filter.

Join the Monochrome Madness challenge at Leanne Cole Photography.  It’s a great challenge and a great way to learn about monochrome photography.


3 thoughts on “Old Fences

    • I like old barns, too. I’ve been to a couple of old churches in NM. One was on the old wagon trail over by Las Vegas, NM. They have stories to tell, also.


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