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Lonely Tree – Version 2

Going Gray

I used a filter called Going Gray on the original color photo titled Lonely Tree.  It’s amazing how the change to monochromatic gray changes the photo’s appearance from a bright spring day to a day filled with ominous clouds.  You can see the color version of this photo here.

Which version appeals to you the most?

Monochrome Madness

I’ve participated in the Monochrome Madness Photo Challenge for almost 2 months now.  It’s made me look differently at my photos.  Using a filter to change color photos to a monochrome version doesn’t always work; but the process has helped me understand monochromatic photography a little better.  My next step will be taking photos using the monochrome settings on my camera.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to share some of those in the next few weeks.

You can check out other MM photos or join the Monochrome Madness Challenge over at Leanne Cole Photography’s blog.


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